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The history of lesbian porn is a new one. It has been around as an independent porn genre only for less than a decade. Still, many people, men, and women enjoy this genre and love watching lesbian porn every single day. This genre is special because it doesn’t involve men and their dicks. So, the women who star in these movies have to come up with different ways to have penetration and to satisfy each other. There are many premium lesbian porn sites that you can enjoy on the internet and we are showing you one of the best ones, the leader of the genre – Girlsway. This site is, in many people’s opinion, the first big porn site to introduce this fresh and new porn genre to the world. Its popularity is great and this site has to offer a tremendous amount of high-quality porn content.

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Still, many men find it hard to enjoy lesbian porn. They argue it is a female porn genre that was made exclusively for the pleasure of women. We can see that also in the gay porn industry which has become an independent entity and has been growing much stronger and faster than the lesbian one. Also, when one thinks about Girlsway, the fact that it is a premium porn site is such a stain on its resume. Still, people need to do their research. Lesbian porn is for everyone and anyone can enjoy it. Also, premium porn is not expensive if you find the perfect discount. The one website that offers the best premium porn discounts is Porndeals. Its Girlsway discount can save you up to 74% of your money. This is a superb deal and you should check it out right now.

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Girlsway is one of the best lesbian porn sites ever made. It offers more than 3,500 videos filled with diverse sapphic action with the hottest pornstars in the world. Now, many people would think that lesbian pornstars cannot be seen in straight videos. That is a huge mistake. The majority of pornstars on Girlsway are actually straight but acting in a lesbian movie. Of course, there are some actresses who declare themselves as lesbian-only and you can watch them exclusively on Girlsway. Either way, you will be able to experience all kinds of lesbian porn videos on this premium lesbian porn site.

Girlsway offers more than 1,700 pornstars that will make you fall in love with the lesbian porn genre. They kiss each other, use dildos, lick each others’ pussies, and perform tribbing. For those of you who don’t know it, tribbing is an act of rubbing two pussies against each other to create friction and to instigate good sensations that end in an orgasm. That is the closest thing to real straight sex that you can expect on this site. Also, the girls can sometimes wear a strap-on and bang each other with it. Those scenes are the most popular ones on Girlsway and any other sapphic porn site.

We mentioned Adult Time. Girlsway is an official channel and a partner with Adult Time. This means that you get access to all of its 250+ channels and 55,000+ movies from all porn genres. Girlsway is not the only channel on Adult Time that deals with lesbian action. There are many more channels, movies, and episodes that will show you incredible girl-on-girl movies on Adult Time, the world’s largest digital porn subscription platform.

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Watching lesbian porn is an excellent way to explore your sexuality. If we had spoken about this a decade ago, no one would even recognize it as a fact that the lesbian porn genre existed. Thanks to some amazing women in the porn industry, Girlsway, and many other lesbian sites were created. They show pussy loving girls who are completely comfortable with having sex with another woman. The best scenarios are when an experienced MILF like Brandi Love grabs hold of a young babe and shows her a good time.

Being with another woman was always a part of the straight porn industry. This usually happened in threesome scenes or group sex sessions. In such movies, girls had the opportunity to kiss each other and even lick their pussies, but the focus was always on the male penetration of female pussy. It is safe to say that starring in lesbian porn has been a fantasy come true for most girls. Now, on Girlsway, you can enjoy the best lesbian porn videos that the world has ever seen. Simply go to and find your Girlsway discount. Save your money and enjoy this genre the way it should be enjoyed.