Since there are so many younger guys now out there who are looking to date a cougar, it’s very easy to see why so many guys are doing it wrong. It’s very easy to see why so many guys are not getting the kind of results that they’re looking for. Just like with any kind of economic activity, whenever there is an oversupply of demand, there will always be matching supply and sadly most of this supply is not going to be up to quality standards. In fact, a lot of this supply would be straight up exploited.

If you’re looking to date a cougar, you have to understand that there are tremendous risks out there. There will be lots of websites that will try to rip you off. There will also be a lot of women out there that are not going to be good for you emotionally speaking. You really have to be careful as to the kind of women that you reach out to.

In fact, a lot of these cougars are unable to maintain relationships for a very good reason. They are not just fucked up in the head, they’re completely delusional. I’m not saying that they are flat out crazy. I’m not saying that at all. What I’m saying is that these women are so into the emotional manipulation game that you really need to handle them with kid gloves. Otherwise, you’re going to get hurt.

You might think that it’s just all about sex. You might think that it’s all physical, but you have to remember that it may start out as physical, but eventually it may hit you at a level that you least expect. You don’t want any emotional scars. You want to have a good time and you want to hit it and quit it. Keep it at that level. Find a hot cougar here: